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7 Things Yoga Teachers Can Do To Increase Their Income

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Teachers I want you to be successful. We need you. In the world today, we need everyone who is called to a healing path to step up and help us through this very difficult transitional period in which we find ourselves. When you begin teaching yoga finances can be difficult and it can feel like it’s impossible to make a good living in this field. That is not the case if you apply some ideas that help with the flow of money into your experience. It takes some time and patience, but it is possible and anyone can do it.

Developing a strong business is not only an affirmation in your soul’s purpose and self-worth, but it allows you to be a powerful force for healing and growth in the world. Not only are you worth being successful, we are all worth your being successful.  When you find success, we all benefit from your gifts.

These are some ideas that have helped me produce a successful business in the yoga/wellness world. I can assure you, these are all lessons I learned from my mistakes. Some of these are ideas you can put into practice immediately and others need some time to work through. Some are pragmatic and some are energetic/symbolic and all of them can be of immediate benefit to you.

So my tips are. . .

1. Organize and answer your emails- When you receive inquiries, about privates, workshops, or classes, always respond to those emails within a day. Organize time in your day where you sit at your computer and answer inquiries. Let your prospective clients know their interest and time matter to you. Keep all your communications on one format.  For example, if you get a Facebook message from a prospective client ask for their email so you know you keep all your communications organized and in one place.

2. Heal your relationship with money- This one can take some time but it’s worth it. Money is a fact of life my friends. If you want to be there for your clients and students, then you have to be able to take care of yourself financially. Money also keeps your relationship with your clients clean and free of guilt and resentment.  You provide a service, they provide compensation. The energy is in balance. Of course, you can work with your price model, see clients sliding scale, or work with payment plans to make your services more accessible. But make sure you are being paid what you are worth.

3. Be grateful every day for your classes, clients, and students - Gratitude is a way of life, not just something you do as an exercise in the morning. Spend more time being grateful for the people who invest their time, trust, and money with you. Strive to teach an amazing class whether you’re teaching 4 people or 40. Be humble and recognize the trust your clients put in your services and the vulnerability they often experience when they come to see you. When you are grateful for what you have, more comes to you naturally. This is a basic rule of karma and it works.

4. Pick a specialization- There are thousands of yoga teachers out there right now. Most all of them can teach a decent class. What makes you different? Do you love teaching advanced asana? Do you love teaching energetic classes that offer balance? Do you love helping people relax in restorative yoga? Do you want to focus on energy work combined with yoga? Do you want to run retreats or open a yoga center/school? Figure out what makes you stand out and why people would want to come to your class or see you for private lessons.

5. Develop a referral network- Develop relationships with professionals in other healing fields. The more of these relationships you have, the more likely you will get referrals to your classes and private practice. Also, you want to have quality professionals to whom you can refer your clients when necessary. Clients really appreciate when you are honest about the limits of your skills.

6. Don’t overvalue social media- Do you want to make money and help people or do you want to spend all day trying to be famous on Instagram? Now I know with enough followers you can generate income from Instagram, but that is not immediate cash money in your pocket and it is not being immediately helpful to clients. Most of my client network comes from referrals by students and clients. These aren’t people who are anxiously awaiting my next yoga pose on social media, these are people who want help and are ready to invest in the work. Use social media to enhance your business, don’t let the allure of social media fame use you.

7. Accept money, checks, and credit cards with two hands- I learned this idea from a Japanese friend of mine. It is considered rude in Japan to accept business cards, money, or gifts with one hand. When you accept with two hands it’s a symbol of appreciation for the money you are receiving. I give a small bow of my head as well. It is a wonderful way of embodying gratitude as you make a transaction. It also lets your client know that they matter to you and you value them. It makes for a very strong business relationship and greater flow of abundance into your experience.

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