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America's Third Chakra Crisis

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What we are facing right now, in energetic terms, is a massive third chakra crisis. The chakras aren't relegated only to the realm of the human body. The chakras are also one of many ways to describe the patterns in human emotion, behavior, and growth on a collective level.

And the third chakra is no joke.

 (Associations of Chakra 3: The solar plexus, the adrenal glands, the color yellow, and the element of fire)

I repeat: the element of fire.

The umbrella theme of the third chakra is power. When the third chakra is out of balance it usually comes from a sense of powerlessness that is often experienced as shame. The compensation is either one of two things: We get brash, arrogant, boisterous, and desperate or we get passive, willfully ignorant, and manipulative. Anger, rage, fury, superiority, shame, manipulation, dissociation, extreme passivity, are all manifestations of compensating for third chakra power imbalance. They are ways we try desperately to avoid the discomfort of shame.

To begin to heal, we must sit with a lot of discomfort. I saw a news host become "uncomfortable" talking about race recently. Good, she should be uncomfortable. This is not an age of comfort, this is an age of healing. This is an age to make friends with discomfort and have it propel us into taking Right Action. Right Action is the hallmark of a balancing third chakra. It is not sitting back and hoping love will save the day, and it is not giving into the blind fury and hyper-emotional activism. It is doing what is right. It is letting ourselves be massively uncomfortable and being able to sit with the discomfort in a way that we take action that is effective and ultimately healing. It is learning how to weild power effectively.

Whether we get consumed in the fire of the third chakra is up to us. If we give in to the arrogant fury, we fail, and if we sit on the sidelines wishy-washy, dissociated, and passive we fail. We stay stuck in the the fire. But if we can have courage to take Right Action, to have really difficult conversations, to look at all the places in us where we are arrogant and privileged, admit where we are wrong and know where we are right, have the humility to ask for or give understanding, to admit when we are wrong and notice where we are right, then the fire of the third chakra becomes a healing fire. It becomes what the yogis called "tapas" or a healing heat. It becomes a crucible where we burn away our delusions and false comforts of superiority. It teases out and immolates the shame that lurks in the dark corners of our souls. Shame powers the imbalance, as it heals, so does the imbalance.

And it paves the way for the journey into the heart. And in the heart, the fourth chakra, we will have to feel cleansing grief and work for forgiveness. It will be a place where we need all of the strength and humility we are learning right now. May we see ourselves through this stage of our growth so that all of us may heal and grow. May we grow beyond shame, superiority, rage, and aggression. May we grow beyond dissociation, passivity, willful ignorance, and subconscious privilege. May we truly heal our individual and collective shame. May we let the fire be a healing fire. It's up to us.

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