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An Alternative To New Years Resolutions

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The days between New Years and Christmas are some of my favorite in the whole year. There’s a wonderful sense of peace, as if the world is taking a deep, collective, weeklong exhale. Usually at New Years, we make a resolution or many resolutions about how we want to change for the coming 12 months. I’ve done this myself, and I can say it rarely works. So over the years, I’ve developed some personal strategies for New Years that I have found to work remarkably well. You can refer to my blog from last year on “just for right now” resolutions for an alternative or maybe you try these open questions to help you sculpt a wonderful year of healing and joy.


I like these questions because they are open ended and allow for spontaneity, creativity, and some plain old divine inspiration. Isn’t it funny how when we make affirmations and resolutions that we often try to headlock and noogie the universe, and ourselves, to get what we want? We lack trust in ourselves and in life so we feel we can’t leave anything to chance even with our affirmations and resolutions. These questions allow you to orient your mind in the direction you want to go but also allow life to come in with some great surprises and adventures to help you out.

So here is a list of questions you can contemplate for 2017. You can use all of them, some, or maybe just one. You can write down your answers or you can simply meditate or reflect on them. They are designed to get your mind thinking in the direction you want to go. And remember with intentions that once you make them they are embroidered on the fabric of the universe so you don’t have to work too hard at them. So try some of these out, get your mind turned in the direction you want it to go, and let life take you.

For 2017:

What kind of person do I want to be this year?

What are the values I want to hold this year?

How can I better love myself this year?

What can I let go that no longer serves me this year?

How can I better trust myself this year?

What are some ways I can show myself compassion this year?

What can I do in a positive way for my health and well-being this year?

What can I do in positive way for my relationships this year?

What can I do in a positive way for my financial health this year?

How can I better serve the world this year? What can I do for others?

How can I better serve myself this year? How can I be more true to myself?

How can I cut myself a break this year?

What’s one major, affordable, luxury I could permit myself this year?

What is my purpose this year?

How can I be more authentic this year?

What can I do to communicate more effectively with my loved ones and myself this year?

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