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Energetic Sensitivity: What is it?

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My work more and more has been transitioning to a coaching role where I am helping people develop their energetic sensitivity and their intuition. I thought I’d write a little bit about my own journey of understanding with these concepts and try to lay them out in a way that is approachable and makes sense. I also encourage you to see if you see any of yourself in these ideas or recognize them in people you know.

For most of my early life people would tell me I was too sensitive. They would be mystified by my intense emotional reactions and would often tell me I was taking things too personally. I would become very anxious for no reason, cry around certain people and not know why, or feel very averse to certain places and people but not have any reason for it. I always blamed myself and thought that there was something wrong with me because I didn’t know what was going on.

So for much of my early life I stuffed down what I was feeling and sensing. I would subject myself to situations that felt terrible and people who didn’t feel right because I thought that was the right thing to do. After all, I was just being too sensitive. But even though I didn’t trust myself during those years I always had an accurate intuitive sense. I was dead on about 93% of my hits but I just didn’t listen to them. I thought it would be rude, I thought I wasn’t giving the person a chance, I thought, “I feel annoyed/off/tense/anxious sitting across from this person but let’s date anyways because I could be wrong. . .(sound familiar?)” Thankfully by my early thirties the years of suppression had hit a critical mass. And thankfully, I met a therapist and an energy work teacher who helped me to sort out what was going on.

Being energetically sensitive means you are sensitive to the felt impressions of the universe around you. It isn’t paranormal nor is it a special sixth sense. It is a normal if often unused aspect of our sensory capabilities. You can “sense” things about people, places or even objects. The watchword for energetic sensitivity is “feeling” which includes but is not limited to emotions (emotion is a big topic and of course is not only related to energy, but emotion can be one mode of reading something.) Some people feel energy, like me, some people see images and some people hear words. Often times as we develop our gifts we can perceive in all these senses but will stay with the method that is easiest to us. I will always be predisposed to feel energy, but with practice I can see images as well. It’s a reading of the collective consciousness of which we are all a part. In of themselves, these are big topics, I will go into detail about them in future posts, but this gives you the gist of it.

If you had said any of this to me 10 years ago I would have said you were nuts. I would have said you were nuts because deep down I knew these truths (we all do) but I was too afraid of being seen as “weird” or “flaky.” I was afraid of going out on a limb, being authentic, and trusting myself. I was already a super tall gay man who taught yoga, I didn’t want one more “weird” thing to deal with. Now after a lot of study and a lot of personal experience, I have found what I knew to be true, to be true. I stopped whining at the universe and accepted my interest in these skills. I felt freer, happier, and closer to my purpose in life than I have ever felt.

Reading energy is not difficult, but it does take practice and discernment. You can fool yourself. You can easily try to see what you want to see and approach it will wishful thinking. And you sure as hell can come at it with ego and trying to prove something. Just because energy is real doesn’t mean confirmation bias and psychology are not real. What you need to learn is how to separate your energetic hits from your imagination. You have to learn how to receive impressions rather than look for impressions. You need to learn when to say, “I don’t know.” This means you have to meditate and learn how to connect to your body. You have to be able to watch your own mind and body and feel the subtle differences between energy hits and imagination. All of this requires time and focus and should always be done under the supervision of one or multiple teachers.

You also must realize that there can be multiple causes for common characteristics of being energetically sensitive. For example I have had some level of anxiety my whole life. Some of that was sensing too much energy and some of it was past trauma that I had to work out. You must deal with both the pragmatic and the energetic. This is one of the reasons I always recommend my clients see a therapist if they come to me working with complex emotions. Usually there is an energetic cause, which I work with in different meditations and protection/cleansing techniques, and often there are other psychological causes that must be addressed by a therapist.

These are not special gifts, and I don’t like to use the word gift because it makes these ideas sound like they are reserved for a special few. Anyone can learn to deepen their energetic sensitivity if they are interested in developing that skill. I will say there are people who are probably born more predisposed to reading energy, but anyone can learn to do it. And what you will probably find is that you have been reading energy all your life though totally unaware it was happening. You’ll also discover it’s a lot of fun and adds an enormous depth to your experience of life.

For the last 7 years I have researched, learned about, and studied energetic sensitivity. It has reordered the whole way I see the world and view myself. It has helped me forgive my younger self and put context to the confusing inner world in which I came of age. It has shown me that there is much, much more to the universe than what we perceive with our 5 senses. We live in a universe pulsing with energy, life, and most of all love. We are varied perspectives of the same consciousness meeting each other again and again, life after life, in the ever-expanding ocean of God.

I have really grown to love helping people who are energetically sensitive manage their skills. I want you to flourish in the world and use your skills to help others and yourself. I want you to feel confident in your ability to discern your imagination from your energetic hits. I want you to really trust your intuition because it’s always on your side. I want you to be able to go out and have fun for a night without feeling completely overwhelmed. It is my great passion to teach these skills and if you’d like to know more about it shoot me an email

I want you to be an energetically sensitive person who thrives in the world.

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