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Meditation Myths Dispelled: Part 3

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Meditation Myth Number 3: Everyone else is a better meditator than I am
You know when you're meditating in a group and you think everyone else is having visions of the Buddha handing them a lotus and you're the only one who's mentally redecorating your living room or wondering when is the new season of Scandal coming out?

Everyone is doing that to one degree or another!

Olivia Pope especially distracts me because, I mean, she's Olivia Pope. Who else can drink red wine wearing all white Chanel suits and never have one wine stain? And who needs meditation more than her? I mean, can anyone say "holy stressors Batman"? But enough of the peek into the wild recesses of my own distracted and invested thought. . .

Meditation is a skill, the more you practice it, the easier the techniques become but we're all in the same boat with this stuff. I think we'd all feel a deep sense of relief if we could see the little thought bubbles coming out of everyone's head when they sit. We just practice and do the best we can, we can try our best for that day, and really let that best be enough. This doesn't mean we completely abandon ourselves back into our invested thinking, but we don't have to worry when we go there. We smile and see what we're doing, probably drop into a daydream or 10, and then remember where we are and what we're doing. And try again.

Meditation is process of returning to where we are rather than a process of getting somewhere else. It is a process of becoming more self-aware and seeing ourselves clearly. And to do that, we have to get lost sometimes. How else would we know we needed to come back? How would we know the joy of being safely home if we don't get lost once in a while?

All this to say, it's all ok. A gentle resolve to stay with ourselves and come back to what we're doing is really all that we need. Smile the next time you think everyone is seeing the Buddha, they may or may not be, but that has nothing to do with anything. Smile and feel your breath. You are a human being living life doing the best possible that you know how to do. Use your breathing to come back to yourself when you wander away, and the process will always wind up where it needs to be.

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