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Poem: Awash

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A short poem from this morning's reflections.


-Alex Amorosi

Oh you unknowingly restrained by shackles of sand.
Unwittingly bound to a prison of fog.
The monsters chase you to free you.
The pain needles you to awaken you.
You are beginning to see.

Feel the swirling currents of your heart.
Hear the loving voice that edges you forward.
Trust the ephemeral breath of your knowing.
Soothe the cries of the monsters as they beg for love.
You are remembering what you are.

The depths of the inner ocean are calling you.
The webbing of self implores you to have courage.
The sunrise of your awakening clears the horizon.
The soft light of clear vision washes over your inner landscape.
You are becoming free.

Peace is the island that calls you.
Faith is the boat that carries you.
Love is the ocean in which you travel.
Your shackles dispersed in the waves, your prison vanishes in the breeze.
You are yourself.

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