Reiki and Energy Work

Usui Reiki/Intuitive Readings

*special note regarding Reiki during COVID-19

For your health and well-being and the health and well-being of others, I will only be offering distance Reiki sessions via zoom until further notice.

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Reiki is a hands-on energetic healing technique from Japan. Reiki practitioners channel healing energy through their hands to assist the body in lowering stress and increasing energy. Reiki sessions are safe and natural, promoting a sense of well-being and lightness. Sessions work well in conjunction with traditional care and can help reduce uncomfortable side effects and to restore balance to the body.

Alex is a Level 3 Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher certified and attuned by The Usui Reiki Ryoho. Alex has a wide variety of experiences, including work with clients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, as well as with clients affected by digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, joint inflammation, and chronic systemic stress.

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(Reiki is not a substitute for medical or mental health care. Alex Amorosi is not nor does he represent himself as a licensed health care or mental health provider and cannot/does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any injury or disease.)

Reiki FAQ’s

Q: Why would someone come for Reiki sessions?
A: Reiki is an extremely versatile healing modality that can be used in aiding healing on all levels of the human system. Some clients come to me to aid in healing from physical illness or injury, some from mental and emotional distress, and others for spiritual growth and healing. Empaths, psychics, and energetically sensitive people often seek out energy work like Reiki to help balance their energy systems and strengthen their energy fields to provide them with greater grounding and ease.

Q: What is Reiki like?
A: This is the most common question I get. Most people report a feeling of deep calm and ease while receiving Reiki. It is a very pleasant experience and is individual to every person. No two people have the exact same experience with Reiki.

Q: I had Reiki at the spa once. Do you do spa Reiki?
A: No, I don’t. I do Reiki for deep healing on many levels of the human system. If you want to work with me, know that I don’t do surface level energy work. We dig deeply into root causes of imbalances so that the healing is more lasting. It is very different from simple relaxation.

Q: How often should I come for Reiki?
A: Frequency of your visits depends on many factors. If you are generally healthy, often one visit every few months is more than sufficient for a “tune up.” If you are sick or going through acute periods of stress, bi-weekly or weekly visits are recommended. We can talk about the frequency of your visits when we meet as it is highly individual varies with the changing circumstances of your life.

Q: I’m skeptical about Reiki and how it works? Will a session still benefit me?
A: Yes. Reiki is not a faith-based healing system and does not require belief in its validity to be effective. However, it is a system that is foreign in many ways to our modern sensibilities so I am happy to sit with skeptical clients and explain, in ways that feel more approachable to the modern mind, how Reiki works. I always tell clients who are skeptical of Reiki to come and do a session, see how Reiki works for them, and make conclusions based on their experience.

Q: Do you provide information on what you perceive energetically during a session?
A: Yes, I do. The Reiki field opens a very high vibrational frequency in which I can often see and perceive many aspects of your energetic being. These can include past lives, the archetype of your current incarnation, seeing past loved ones, or getting intuitions on previous physical and medical traumas in your body. I make no promises about what comes through as that is impossible to predict. Also, I do not make predictions about future events or do medical intuitive work.

Q: I am recovering from serious trauma and have PTSD. Can Reiki be helpful?
A: Yes. I see many clients with complex trauma and PTSD. They have reported Reiki has helped them a great deal. Please make sure to mention to me that you are working with these issues in your contact email. My first priority is that you feel safe and at ease in your session and we will work out a plan to address any concerns or specific needs you may have. I do require that you be seeing a therapist while doing trauma recovery work with me and your therapist be aware that you are coming for Reiki sessions.

Q: I don’t like to be touched. Can I still come for Reiki?
A: Absolutely. Reiki can be done hands on or hands hovering. Reiki can also be done remotely without proximity of my hands to the body. All methods are equally effective.

Q: Do you do distance healings for clients?
A: Yes, when necessary, but I prefer to be in person with my clients. However, if you are out of state or even in another country distance Reiki is a great option. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how to arrange this kind of session.

Q: I have a child who might benefit from Reiki. Do you see children?
A: Yes I do, but not younger than 6 without special consultation. For children I ask a parent or guardian to come and remain in the room for the duration of the session.

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Intuitive Readings FAQs

Q: What is the best reason to come see you for a reading?
A: There are so many! Generally, I work best with people who are seeking clarity or information about their life from the perspective of the subtle universe. We might look at the archetypes of your current incarnation, relevant past lives, working with your own intuitive skills, clarity around your current life path or purpose, and many other ideas.

Q: Will I be surprised by the information I receive?
A: Sometimes, but to me readings function best to be a confirming factor to what you already know on some level. In other words, an intuitive reading helps to confirm your own deep intuition rather than telling you what you should or should not do. Your choices and actions are always your responsibility.

Q: Do you teach energetic protection techniques?
A: Yes! I consider this to be one of my specialties. We can work with teaching you how to clear your energy field, the energy of your home, how to protect your field from psychic intrusion, and how to strengthen your energy field for feelings of greater vitality.

Q: When you do a reading do you tell me what the future holds for me?
A: This kind of prediction is not possible as your choices in any moment are shifting the dynamics of your energy flow and altering the future circumstances you will encounter. I can tell you where I feel the most dominant energy currents moving in the moment but cannot tell you where you will wind up or what you should do. Your choices and actions are your responsibility.

Q: How often should I come for a reading?
A: Only come for a reading when it feels right to you to do so. One of my jobs is to help guide you in using your own intuition so you can “trust your own gut” so to speak. Intuition is not a special gift, it is a natural skill we all have, and we can all learn to develop it.

Q: Do you do medium work?
A: No not specifically, but often during a reading I will get impressions from non-corporeal consciousness and we can work with interpreting that information in your session. If you have recently lost a loved one and strictly are looking for medium work, I can refer you to some very good and reputable psychics.

Q: I’m very anxious about the future and looking for assurances about what might or might not happen, can you provide that?
A: No. And no one can. We’re all anxious to some degree about the unknown and our time in session is better spent working on techniques to relax into the moment and trust the unfolding of the universe.

Q: I am concerned I may have negative energy or energy forms attached to me; do you remove them?
A: No. I do not accept clients looking for this kind of work.

Q: Why are your readings more expensive than your other services?
A: Doing a reading requires a great deal of energy and discernment in my own internal process to make sure that we are getting the most accurate and helpful information possible. It also requires a great deal of prep/wind down time so that I can access the energy fields safely and effectively.

Q: Do you do readings in person?
A: No, I only do my readings remotely via Zoom. I have, for many reasons, found this to be the best way for me to interface with clients doing this work.

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